Een venster geeft inzicht en uitzicht.
Kijken betekent zien wat je wil zien of verwacht te zien
en wordt bepaald door je achtergrond, je herinneringen, het venster waardoor je kijkt,…

Line Boogaerts is a Belgian visual artist fascinated by the way in which we understand reality. In her practice, she investigates how our experience of looking, our perception, is always constructed. Her work largely revolves around the creation of temporary drawings on windows with brushes, window wipers, tinted oil and soap. Necessarily site-specific, her works often interact with the historical, social and/or psychological contexts of a given architectural space.

The title of her exhibition in STUK, Flashlight Equipment, refers to clouds and explosions. With the historical use of the building as a chemistry lab in mind, Boogaerts imagines and visualizes how falling in love changes our perception, putting everything in a different light.

16 OcT – 15 DEC 2019
MO – FR: 11:00 > 2:00
SA – SU: 14:00 > 2:00

Naamsestraat 96
3000 Leuven