Une exposition de groupe curatelle par Johannes Mundinger et gr_und
9-29 September 2018
Vernissage: Samedi 08.09 5-11 pm 
Ouverture: 9-29 Septembre 2018, Jeudi au Samedi: 14h à 19h 

Les artistes:
Eva Funk, Berlin
Florian Kiniques, Brussels
Michael Pohl, Berlin
Pio Rahner, Bremen
Max Santo, Bremen



Every night I hope and pray
A dream model will come my way

The lyrics of a love song from the 50s is like the longing for finally getting the answer to how to do good and right without needing necessarily to change or reflecting on your own privileges. To be the ideal version of you, without (really) wanting it to be or even being able to. Fake it till you make it. It is hard to recognize yourself as what you are. A glossy chameleon, always leading multiple lives at once. Put your head on my shoulder, I know you are scared. You can do anything as long as you feel guilty about it. suite