En partenariat avec la galerie LMNO, nous invitons le Collectif VOID:



Orgue basaltique is an ambient installation that simulates an imaginary landscape shaped under the influence of sound waves and the actual shape of natural basaltic columns.

 It’s composed by rockwool, a material obtained by processing basalt, best known for being one of the best acoustic insulating material. Its properties contribute to creating an ambient in which the visual and the acoustic components create together an alienating experience.


The red light is the visual sign to highlight something underway. In recording studios, it is also the sign that imposes silence because of the recording process.

Signal, noun 1. An action, movement, or sound that gives information, a message, or an order. 2. Something that conveys notice or warning. 3. An act, event, or the like that causes, incites some action or marks their beginning.


Exposition à la Virine ArtContest

690, chaussée de Waterloo
1180 Bruxelles 

Jusqu’en mars 2018.