Three years after their first collaborative project at the artist-run space Clovis XV in Brussels, KRIEG commissioned Belgian artists Emeline Depas and Cléo Totti to develop a new duo project for the vitrine of Art Contest, ideally located in the heart of the Rivoli Building, itself rapidly turning into a new micro gallery district uptown Brussels.

PIED DE NEZ’ is an artistic dialogue between Emeline Depas and Cléo Totti. This is why, the dialogical format of the assisting text came about pretty naturally. Below, you can read a conversation between the two artists, recorded during the build-up.

Cléo Totti: So, tell me about your film.

Emeline Depas: I wanted to create different rhythms and ruptures; there are ‘breathing moments’ and there are rather violent moments, like the scenes with drug addicts, or with people shooting rifles during a carnival. For me, reality is violent and this is why there is a certain violence in the film too.
The film is called Profites and I feel that this word conjures up a feeling of obligation, an immediate binding relationship. I’ve heard the words ‘profites’ or ‘profites bien’ thrown around a lot lately and I started to think that there’s something weird about this concept of having to enjoy something… this imperative to enjoy.